Liposuction Gone Wrong - Bad or Botched Liposuction

Liposuction gone wrong? Learn more about botched liposuction and how to prevent and fix bad liposuction results like bumps and uneven contours right here!

Most people considering liposuction surgery have heard at least one horror story from a patient whose liposuction procedure did not achieve the intended results. If the procedure is not performed properly, your liposuction can leave you with uneven results or long-lasting side effects. The good news is that most of the causes of bad liposuction are entirely preventable

What is Bad Liposuction?

Bad liposuction or botched liposuction is any liposuction surgery that does not achieve the intended results. This can mean cosmetic effects such as lumps, bumps, or uneven contours where the fat was not sculpted properly. The skin may also be discolored or scarred after bad liposuction. Poorly performed liposuction surgery can also cause numbness, organ damage, or other health effects.

Liposuction Gone Wrong Because of Surgeon

With cosmetic surgery, the outcome of your procedure is dependent on the doctor’s skill at reshaping your body. During liposuction, mistakes such as removing too much or too little fat can dramatically impact the overall outcome of your procedure. Serious health consequences can result if the doctor is inexperienced or unqualified and makes a medical error during the procedure.

Bad Liposuction Results Because of Patient

Even with a skilled surgeon, bad liposuction can happen, particularly if you are not upfront about your lifestyle and medical history. Certain medications and medical conditions, as well as smoking, can increase your risk of complications when undergoing liposuction surgery. Be sure that your surgeon knows these important details before agreeing to perform liposuction on you.

Preventing Botched Liposuction

bad liposuction photoThe best way to avoid experiencing problems with your liposuction procedure is to avoid skimping on your surgical costs. Instead, look for a skilled doctor with many years of experience. It’s always best to hire the best available surgeon to handle your surgery; after all, the results of the surgeon’s work will be visible on your body for years to come. You run the risk of botched liposuction if you select an inexperienced surgeon!

Fixing Bad Liposuction Results

Fortunately, most cases of bad liposuction are correctable. Correcting bumpy and uneven liposuction results requires revision liposuction. Revision liposuction surgeries are performed on the same body part as your initial procedure, and are intended to refine or improve the results of the initial surgery. In most cases a second liposuction surgery is enough to fix bad liposuction results.

Revision Liposuction Surgery

If you are not happy with your liposuction results you must undergo revision liposuction to fix post surgery defects such as bumpy or uneven liposuction results. Check with your surgeon if they offer a correctional liposuction procedure at a discounted rate. You may also want to find a surgeon who specializes in revision liposuction surgery.

As with any surgery, there are no guarantees of good results even with a revision liposuction. In some cases you may need just a single revision surgery to fix the deformities while in other cases you may require two or more corrective surgeries. In rare cases, post liposuction results may even be permanent for life! Therefore, it is best that you always consult an experienced surgeon to minimize the risk of botched liposuction.

Bad Liposuction: Liposuction Gone Wrong – Botched Liposuction
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