Elastic Compression Garments After Liposuction Surgery

Learn about post liposuction compression garments, their usage and how long you need to wear compression garments after liposuction surgery right here!

post liposuction compression garments

What are Post Liposuction Garments?

A liposuction compression garment or pressure garment, also called liposuction girdle is a tight, elastic band worn over an area of the body that has recently been treated with liposuction. It holds the tissues very close to the body, providing support as you heal. Your doctor may recommend that you wear an elastic compression garment for several weeks following your liposuction surgery.

Why do you Wear Compression Garments after Liposuction Surgery?

A compression garment helps the body and soft tissues adjust to the new contours following the reduction in fat. It is believed that a compression garment will also reduce swelling, resulting in a shorter recovery period. The compression garment encourages faster drainage of the residual tumescent solution from the incisions. Wearing a compression garment following your liposuction surgery can also improve the aesthetic results by reducing skin laxity as the body adjusts to its new contours.

Types of Liposuction Pressure Garments

A compression garment is a specially designed device intended to cover the treated area of the body. It may be made of elastic cloth or a stretchy, Lycra-type or Spandex material. They are available in white, black, and a variety of flesh-tones to be more easily hidden under clothing.

Its design depends on the part of the body where it is to be worn. For example, if you have undergone liposuction on your thighs, expect your compression garment to look like a girdle. If you have had liposuction on your torso, the garment will look more like a shirt, while arm liposuction patients will wear a garment shaped like a sleeve which fits over the treated area. Some are designed to simply stretch over the body part, while others use zippers, Velcro, or other closures.

Using a Liposuction Compression Garment

Depending on which area of the body has been treated, there may be a variety of different cuts you can choose from. Some patients opt for less restrictive garments, such as those with shorter sleeves, so that the garment can be easily covered with clothing, though your options will depend on the type of liposuction you have undergone. Your doctor can help you select one that is right for your needs.

How Long should I wear a Compression Garment after Liposuction Surgery?

The length of time that you should wear such a garment depends on your surgeon’s advise. Depending on the procedure you have undergone, you may need to wear the compression garment anywhere from a few days to six weeks. You can remove the garment to take a bath. However, the first three days after surgery are the most important time to wear your compression garment around the clock.

Purchasing Post Liposuction Compression Garments

The necessary compression garment can be purchased at a medical supply store or over the internet. Ask your surgeon for recommendations of where to purchase the needed post-surgery garments. You may wish to purchase more than one, since you will be wearing it 24 hours a day for several weeks. Most are in the range of $50 to $200, though it does depend on the style you choose and where you purchase it. Don’t forget to factor this expense into the total cost of liposuction when planning your surgery.

Elastic Compression Garments After Liposuction Surgery
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